Growth Lead for Decalab

Decalab is Hiring

Decalab is hiring a growth leader for, our first portfolio company. Click here to learn more about Decalab's vision.

FlyData is an infrastructure SaaS product that replicates a company's databases to its data warehouse (Amazon Redshift). Why do companies need to do this? Doing real time analysis directly on the databases becomes impossible and queries take hours. With FlyData's pipes large volumes of data are centralized to Redshift every 5 mins, and ready for critical analysis.

The product is used by engineering teams at growing companies and currently has an inbound free trial funnel through long tail SEO and content. Adwords and stackoverflow ads are being experimented on, and we are also working on content marketing.

The ideal candidate is a product-inclined growth practitioner who is looking to find positioning, build a predictable funnel and inform product roadmap. This person is aspiring to be a founder or was one in the past.

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, drop me a note at and introduce yourself.